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Cheryl Thompson, MBA

Founder of CADIA and Director of Prototype at AAM - American Axle & Manufacturing 

Ashley provided administrative support for my coaching business for several months in 2017 and 2018, helping me to bring some of my important projects that had been simmering on the sidelines to completion. Ashley quickly took charge of managing the detailed steps for each of my projects —- projects such as sorting through my website domains reduce expenses, creating a workshop invitation which included creating an automated survey response automation, and cleaning up all of my social media accounts. I appreciate that she took over the management of the projects, breaking down the administrative steps into a project management system she created just for my business, and not hesitating to ask questions along the way. 

Ashley is dependable, professional, and a delight to work with, and I believe that she would be a valuable asset to any business owner! 

Cheryl Good

Building Great Workplace Cultures and Leaders

I had the pleasure of working with Ashley when she assisted me with a variety of administrative and marketing projects in support of my coaching business in 2017. Ashley‘s expertise, prompt assistance and positive attitude were invaluable to me in freeing up my time to focus on my client and business priorities. Ashley is dependable and professional— I knew I could confidently hand a project to her and she would handle any challenges that popped up, find solutions, and keep in communication with me. 
Ashley is dedicated to her work and to her clients and I highly recommend her services!

Darcy Eikenberg, PCC

Executive & Leadership Coaching | Team & High Performer Development | Keynote Speaking, Workshops & Training

Ashley's been part of my success team for several years now. As a professional coach, I serve busy leaders all over the world and Ashley handles our scheduling and client service not only with ease, but with efficiency that actually makes me more productive. When I'm booked as a speaker for a company event or professional organization, Ashley manages all the logistics, allowing me to focus on preparing the content and showing up fully focused and prepared. We work fully virtually with multiple projects going at any one time, and I always know that once she's committed to a task, it gets done. If you're a considering investing in an administrative support, you owe it to yourself to talk to


Miss Phyllis D. Wallace, MS

Director, Human Resources at Abt Associates

 Ashley is very dedicated to the success of the clients she supports. She demonstrates this by providing timely feedback, sharing ideas above and beyond her job duties and executing the ideas. If you are looking to hire someone who is committed to the success of you and your business I highly recommend Ashley Bambarger!

Bonnie Mauldin

Online Marketing Manager & Trainer ★ Lead Generation Specialist ★ Chamber of Commerce Ambassador

Ashley has been a very important part of my business success. She followed up on leads that came through my website with emails and follow-up phone calls. She pitched the program benefits and closed many sales for my products and coaching programs. I am extremely grateful to have her working with me, because she helped streamline the sales process and increased my company's revenues by over 60%. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone looking to grow and expand their business.

Susan M Brown, Ed.S.

Why Settle for Less Than Your Best?

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.I have employed Ashley on several occasions to help grow my business. I have also invited her to serve as project manager for two non-profit organizations in which I was involved. Every task and project was completed with the highest level of professionalism, efficiency and enthusiasm. It has been such a joy to work with someone like Ashley who also has excellent communication skills. My clients, potential and current, note that she is extremely articulate, compassionate and thorough in meeting their needs and questions. She is an invaluable asset to an entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to maximize their time, energy and profits.

Trenton Carson

Creating landmark videos that effectively connects your audience to your brand and gets you results

I reached out to Ashley after several of her clients that I knew, raved about the great work her and her team does. The project we needed done was outside my team's expertise and would've taken us a lot longer to finish. After giving Ashley the details, she went right to work. The time, efficiency, and money we saved by having her do this job really shows her value. Next time, we'll be streamlining all these types of projects to Ashley and her team.

Diane Vinyard

Sr. Business Consultant & Trainer at Dale Carnegie of Georgia and Financial Professional/Entreprenuer

It's easy to recommend Ashley to other business owners who need something done fast but don't have the time to do it him or herself.
Ashley contracted with me to complete some work on a couple databases. She went above and beyond to make sure she understood my needs as a business owner, asked questions for clarity, and updated me throughout the process. She's thorough, detailed and has a passion for helping other business owners be successful. Ashley went above and beyond! Not only would I recommend her, I will utilize Ashley's expertise and services again in the future!

Donna Lang

Sales and Marketing Strategist

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Ashley Bambarger to Business Owners. 

Here is a glimpse into Ashley's range of outstanding Business Solutions and Skills to be aware of:
1- If you want a dependable expert who can take on the high level tasks for you
2- If you want to free up your time doing tasks outside of your area of expertise 
so you can focus on growing profitable business.
3- If you want a true PRO who understands business and can help you manage your procedures quickly.
Ashley Bambarger can FREE you up to work on the most relevant actions used to generate revenue so you can grow your business and reduce stress, 
distractions, and delegate any tasks that do not directly influence generating revenue.
You are in great hands with Ashley Bambarger!!

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