Ashley Bambarger

Founder, Freedom Business Support


I’ve been in the business of helping people discover more time and financial freedom in their lives through my work as an Executive Assistant, and now an Email Marketing Specialist, for the past 32 years,

I've had the privilege of working with business people both in the corporate world providing support to high-level executives in corporate workplaces, and in my work as founder and owner of Freedom Business Support, where my team and I have been serving business owners for the past 12 years.

After leaving my last corporate position at an international commercial real estate firm in 2009 where I worked for 12 years, I decided to start a business that would allow me to balance my two loves - providing support to business owners and entrepreneurs who's work is changing the world for the better, and being a parent to my two young children. Freedom Business Support was created as the key to my freedom as well as to the key to your freedom as a business owner.

My experience as an Executive Assistant, performing a wide variety of tasks and having a long list of skills, gave me a rich exposure to the behind-the-scenes processes of running a business, and an opportunity to find my passion -- that is, helping business owners share their message with the world through email marketing, one of the most effective methods to build and sustain a business.

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